View photos Robin Ventura could return as the White Soxs manager in 2017. (Getty Images/Jon Durr) More While the White Soxare willing to bring back Ventura for another season, its unclear whether he wants to return. When asked about his situation Wednesday, Ventura said he enjoys his job, but will deal with his contract after the season. Ventura: I appreciate your concern but I am waiting till end of year. I enjoy the job but right now were figuring out how to do this. Daryl Van Schouwen (@CST_soxvan) September 28, 2016 Throughout the year, Ventura has expressed a desire to remain with the White Sox past 2017. He was noncommittal when asked about his situation Wednesday, according to the Chicago Sun Times. After a second straight offseasonfull of big additions, the White Sox once again disappointed in 2016. While it was rumored some of the clubs core players were available at the deadline, the team mostly stood pat in July. Bringing Ventura back for another season could signal that the club isnt ready to give up on its current core just yet. Despite the teams recent struggles, the front office has maintained Ventura is the right manager to eventually lead the White Sox to glory. Wednesdays news confirms thats still the belief within the organization, though you get the sense things could change quickly should the White Sox stumble out of the gate in 2017.

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