This in turn, can manifest in pain and swelling. Mentioned below are a few causes and cures for this condition. Injury of the collateral and cruciate ligaments in the knee joints, dislocated knees, fractures and torn cartilage and other common knee injuries are also seen to cause knee pain in kids. Sudden ache while walking may be caused due to cramping of the muscles in the leg. Massage with sesame oil, olive oil, mustard oil can help alleviate foot tendon pain and can help improve the foot movement. Most people, after getting a sprain, are able to put weight on the ankle, though they are seen limping. Any injury or trauma to the ankle can damage the ligaments that connect one bone to another, and control the movement of the joint. Before you start with a brisk walk, the muscles of the calves have to be conditioned to tune them for the hard work they are just about to go through. you can try these out

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